New Meme Coin Presale for PlayDoge Raises $1.4M in First Week – is it the Next Dogecoin?

Joshua Ramos

A blockbuster Play-to-Earn (P2E) game is set to launch later this year, and its new token presale has raised over $1 million. PlayDoge ($PLAY) is the latest P2E hype in crypto, inspired by the hit 1990s Tamagotchi game.

However, as its name suggests, this token also has a meme coin element, tapping into the $66 billion sector for mass market appeal.

PlayDoge’s secret recipe for growth – meme coins, P2E, and nostalgia

With over $1 million in the bank, PlayDoge is faring as a roaring success despite only launching its presale one week ago.

However, it becomes glaringly apparent why when you scratch beneath the surface.

As mentioned, PlayDoge taps into two big narratives: P2E and meme coins.

Currently, the meme coin market is worth $66 billion, while the crypto gaming market is worth $28 billion.

This gives PlayDoge a combined $94 billion valuation that it can tap into.

But that’s not to mention that the P2E and meme coin narratives are two of the most retail-friendly, meaning these valuations could skyrocket as the bull run advances.

While this crossover approach is captivating, something else distinguishes PlayDoge from every other cryptocurrency: its Tamagotchi inspiration.

Tamagotchi launched in the 1990s and quickly became a cultural icon. Thanks to the game’s simplistic yet addictive concept, it sold over 82 million units.

Users had their own digital pets that they cared for, ensuring they were fed, rested, and entertained.

However, PlayDoge is upping the stakes, applying proven P2E principles to the game, enabling users to generate $PLAY rewards by caring for their pets and completing mini-games.

They then have the option to cash their rewards out, make in-game purchases, or stake them. But here’s the caveat: players can only earn rewards if they hold the $PLAY token.

This ties the token’s demand to the platform’s popularity, and given its nostalgic appeal and reward-earning potential, there’s every chance this game could be exceptionally popular.

Analyst ClayBro noted this in a recent YouTube video, speculating that PlayDoge will be crypto’s best P2E game.

The project’s exciting use case has also garnered recognition from heavyweight crypto media outlets, including The Economic Times, CryptoPotato, and CoinGape.

Is a Binance listing imminent for PlayDoge?

For the most part, the meme coin market has been flat this week. However, the PlayDoge presale has skyrocketed.

This begs why PlayDoge investors are so bullish while other communities are inactive.

While PlayDoge’s recent launch and strong use case certainly help drive hype, its relationship with Binance is another factor.

PlayDoge is launching under the BEP-20 token standard on the Binance Smart Chain, Binance’s in-house decentralized blockchain.

Source: @PlayDogeGame

But given the recent notoriety of Solana, Ethereum, and Base meme coins, it would seem intuitive for PlayDoge to launch there.

However, speculation is brewing that the launch on BSC indicates an internal connection with the Binance team, which bolsters the likelihood of a future listing on the tier-one exchange.

PlayDoge’s roadmap also plans “bigger CEX listings,” which might be a potential nod toward Binance.

And Binance is no stranger to listing meme coins out the gate. For instance, it launched Pepe just weeks after its inception in 2023 and listed Book of Meme within two days of its launch recently.

Needless to say, both of these projects soared exponentially.

Pepe hit a $1.8 billion market cap within days of its listing, and Binance’s listing helped Book of Meme become the fastest-ever cryptocurrency to reach a $1 billion market cap.

With that, the future looks bright for PlayDoge.

P2E meme coin Floki outperformed Dogecoin by 4x, but PlayDoge could see more gains

PlayDoge is not the first P2E meme coin to cause a stir. In fact, top-five meme coin Floki has decisively outpaced market leader Dogecoin this year, up almost 4x more.

Floki has its own P2E game, Valhalla, currently in its testnet phase, something that its community is excited about thanks to the added utility it will usher in.

Shiba Inu has also outperformed Dogecoin this year, and like Floki, it has its own game called Shiba Eternity.

However, while Floki and Shiba Inu display relative strength, PlayDoge’s early stage could provide room for much more explosive gains.

Floki has a $2.4 billion market cap, while Shiba Inu has a $14.6 billion market cap.

Evidently, PlayDoge’s $1.3 billion total raise reflects just how early the project is.

The current PlayDoge presale price is $0.00502, but this will rise throughout the presale. The next uptick will take place in four days or when the total raise hits $1.9 million.

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