New Meme Coin Sealana Closes in on $1.5M in ICO as Traders Say it Could 100x

Joshua Ramos

New Solana meme coin Sealana is nearing a $1.5 million milestone in its ongoing presale, sending a strong signal that this is a meme coin to watch.

Sealana’s $SEAL token has the potential to be the next explosive Solana meme coin. Questions are swirling among traders about whether it could pump hard enough to deliver 100x returns—a milestone that several recent Solana meme coins like $WIF and $BONK have achieved, but which still remains an elusive goal for many tokens.

Sealana Resonates with Degens, Creating Viral Potential

Sealana immediately captured the attention of crypto traders with its mascot, an overweight seal who spends his days fishing for the next hot meme coin in the ‘Solana Sea.’ He’s too busy watching price action and scanning Reddit for opportunities to clean off the pizza grease and fish bones on his chest.

The meme pokes fun at crypto’s degen culture, which is a hallmark of meme coin traders. Sealana appears to strike a chord and could achieve virality as the meme filters through trading haunts like Reddit, X, Discord, and Telegram.

In addition, $SEAL plays on another hot theme in Solana right now: animal memes. Memes like Solama, Slothana, and Smog have all performed incredibly well, and Sealana is poised to ride the excitement with the launch of a seal-themed token.

Traders Are Bullish on Sealana, Point to 100x Return

Another positive sign for Sealana is that several prominent crypto traders, influencers, and analysts have weighed in on the token’s explosive potential.

Jacob ‘Crypto’ Bury, a YouTube influencer with more than 38,000 subscribers, highlighted Sealana as one of the potential next 100x meme coins, indicating significant investor confidence in the token’s future.

These influencers have a strong track record of finding red-hot meme coins before they get big. For example, Bury told his subscribers about meme coins like Tamadoge and Slothana before these coins rocketed upwards at launch. Having their support behind $SEAL is an extremely bullish signal for this new meme coin.

Unique Presale Offers No Stages, Could End Any Time

The Sealana presale follows a new format—popularized by recent Solana meme coin launches—that involves no price tiers and no preset caps. All presale investors can buy the $SEAL token at a fixed price of $0.022.

Sealana’s presale site makes it easy to buy $SEAL by swapping $SOL, $ETH, $USDT, $USDC, or $BNB. Alternatively, traders can send $SOL directly to Sealana’s wallet address and they’ll receive airdropped $SEAL tokens ahead of the meme coin’s launch.

The exciting thing about this presale format is that, with no stated caps, it’s impossible to know when the Sealana presale will end. The team behind $SEAL could cut off the presale and launch the token on exchanges at any time. They’re likely to strike when the meme coin market is hot, increasing the magnitude of $SEAL’s pump.

This also means that traders who want to get in on Sealana’s potential 100x surge can’t wait to join the presale. There’s no telling when it will end, so the only way to be sure traders won’t miss out is to buy $SEAL as soon as possible.

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