New Meme Coin To Watch – Sealana Presale Goes Live, Raises $100,000 On Launch Day

Joshua Ramos

Sealana, a new Solana meme coin, has emerged on the market and raised over $100K on its opening day at

Following a long line of 9-10 figure market cap Solana meme coins, the new seal-themed sensation is hungry for a slice of the pie. Indeed it has set its hopes on becoming the ecosystem’s next big project.

Its presale is ongoing, but with over $100K already raised and no predetermined hard cap, those looking to secure their tokens should not wait around.

Sealana Exploding Because it’s Linked to Slerf?

For those who don’t know, Slerf is a notorious Solana meme coin. Moreover, it underwent the current market cycle’s most controversial presale.

After raising $10 million, a mishap sent shockwaves through the market. The team accidentally burned the entire presale supply, which left presale investors with no tokens.

But inadvertently, contrarian degens saw this as a spectacular buying opportunity. Notably due to a sizable portion of the total supply no longer available.

As such, Slerf notched over $1.7 billion in on-chain trading volume in its opening hours. That allowed it to eclipse Ethereum and receive coverage in Bloomberg.

The project is now well-established, and after some revival efforts, many presale investors are being compensated for their losses.

Slerf’s team then took another crack at the presale circuit recently, launching an NFT collection that raised $1.3 million in its opening hours.

However, rumors are circulating that the team has introduced Sealana, aiming for a smoother, more cohesive meme coin presale launch.

Indeed, Sealana captures the enthralling zeitgeist of its predecessor but also introduces a new outlook: a laidback seal who “abandoned the gorgeous figure of his youth for a trader’s diet of chips and tinned tuna.”

A Seamless Presale System Similar to Slothana

While there’s no doubt that Sealana’s playful design and ties to Slerf have fueled its early success, the project’s seamless presale user experience should also be considered.

Following the blueprint of Slothana, another Solana ICO that raised over $15 million, Sealana presale participants have two ways to buy: either send SOL to the project’s wallet address or connect their wallet to the presale site and purchase directly.

At press time, 1 SOL is equal to 6,900 $SEAL, and there is no sign of a presale price increase. This reflects that the team has opted for the same single-tiered pricing system that enabled Slothana to explode.

Despite being less than a day old, the excitement has already spilled onto social media, with the prestigious 99Bitcoins YouTube covering the launch and speculating that Sealana is “set to explode as Solana begins to rally.”

With investors and media paying attention from the genesis, Sealana will likely draw a crowd similar to earlier presale giants like Slerf and Slothana.

However, with no predetermined hard cap, the ICO could end and exchange listings could occur anytime. With that, traders must act fast.

So don’t miss out. Follow Sealana on X or join its Telegram channel for up-to-date developments. Alternatively, visit its website to buy the presale.

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