New Solana Meme Coin Slothana Raises $500k on First Day of Presale – Next 100x Crypto?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Slothana

A new Solana-based meme coin called Slothana (SLOTH) is shaking up the meme coin market, having raised a staggering $500,000 from investors within hours of its presale launch.

With the meme coin frenzy continuing to ramp up on Solana, many are watching to see if the sloth-themed Slothana token can match the success of recent hits like dogwifhat (WIF).

Solana-based Slothana Leverages Innovative No-Cap Presale Model to Great Effect

Slothana’s presale structure is what has traders talking. Like recent meme coin sensations SLERF (SLERF) and Book of Meme (BOME), Slothana employs a unique crowdfunding model with no timers or pricing tiers.

To get involved, investors simply need to send Solana (SOL) tokens to a designated wallet address, which is viewable at

For each Solana (SOL) contributed, 10,000 SLOTH tokens are airdropped to the sender’s wallet upon the presale’s conclusion – no waiting around to claim.

This setup has struck a chord, with the fundraising passing over $530,000 worth of SOL commitments in just a few hours.

With no hard cap announced, the presale operates on a true first-come, first-served offering.

If Slothana can continue this early momentum, the game plan is to follow in SLERF and BOME’s footsteps by securing listings on major exchanges shortly after the token’s airdrop.

This would provide plenty of avenues for driving the token’s growth and enabling the kind of trading volumes that fueled previous Solana meme coin launches.

Can SLOTH Tap Into Solana’s $6.9B Meme Coin Market?

The buzz surrounding Slothana’s launch is just the latest data point highlighting the incredible rise of Solana’s meme coin ecosystem.

What was once a niche sector has exploded into a $6.9 billion market cap behemoth, with over $2 billion in daily spot trading volumes.

Moreover, four of the top 10 largest meme coins by valuation now hail from Solana’s network, helping dethrone Ethereum as the “go-to“ blockchain for meme coin creators.

This changing of the guard is likely aided by Solana’s low transaction fees and high throughput, which benefits active traders.

More incredibly, many of these top performers, like dogwifhat (WIF) and Bonk (BONK), launched with zero real-world use cases.

Their extraordinary gains have been driven by nothing but clever marketing and a passionate online community.

Additionally, if Slothana’s sloth-inspired aesthetic can create a similar online frenzy, the token may be well-positioned to tap into Solana’s meme coin craze.

Slothana’s Launch to Coincide with Doge Day & Bitcoin Halving

While Slothana’s branding and no-utility approach is resonating, the timing of its launch could be its biggest catalyst yet.

The SLOTH token is gearing up for its exchange debut in the lead-up to April 20, which is known as “Doge Day” among meme coin enthusiasts.

The 4/20 date holds significance due to its “420” numerals nodding to meme culture.

But this year, Doge Day is expected to be even more important, as it coincides with Bitcoin’s next halving event.

This scheduled supply squeeze, which cuts the rate of new BTC entering circulation, has historically preceded massive bull runs for crypto’s largest asset.

With the stars aligning for a “perfect storm” of meme coin hype and a key Bitcoin milestone, the stage could be set for a tidal wave of speculation to hit the space.

Furthermore, as one of the hottest new Solana tokens, Slothana may be ideally positioned to benefit from that speculation.

Time will tell whether that occurs, but for now, all eyes are on Slothana’s presale progress in the run-up to its open market debut.

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