NFTs: Ex-Google employee’s Twitter hacked to promote Otherdeed’s Otherside

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Domain Name Wire

Venture Capitalist Scott Hartley’s Twitter account was compromised during the late hours of Tuesday. His profile was altered to portray an image of OthersideMeta NFT and promote OthersideMeta scam schemes. Blockchain security firm Peckshield tweeted about the same and warned,

“Do *NOT* fall prey to it!”

What else was tampered with?

At press time, it was noted that the hackers changed Scott Hartley’s pinned tweet as well. The same spoke about the breakthrough to the “Otherside.” Yuga Labs, the company behind prominent NFT collection BAYC, launched its native metaverse called Otherside towards the end of April. Digital real-estate properties were sold within minutes once the minting went live.

The tweet also highlighted that the first trip of the “Voyager’s Journey” had been opened. The Beta version of the same is, notably, ready after weeks of development. As such, the journey outlines the steps in which users will be able to interact with the Otherside metaverse and Otherdeeds NFTs. Per the website’s journey map, there are several parts to the journey starting from The First Trip, The Codex, Koda Origins to The Toolkit, The Aeronauts, The Rift.

Users were quick to label the said promotional tweet on Scott Hartley’s account as a “scam.”

Peckshield further brought to light that the link in the Twitter account’s bio was also tampered with. It warned,

“The site “” is detected as a phishing site by PeckShieldAlert, which may steal your private key, trick you into giving them the token approval, or buying scam tokens, etc. Please stay away from it!”

Hartley has worked at prominent Silicon Valley companies. Post-graduation, he started working for Google. During the said stint, he also spent a year in India and set up the Google India team. He then worked at Facebook before moving into the start-up investment and VC space.

NFTs stolen

Per on-chain data, the hacker had already indulged into NFT transactions. PeckShield highlighted that a bunch of Otherdeed NFTs were sent to the hacker’s account already. It tweeted,

“4 Otherdeed (OTHR) already into the hacker’s address within the last hour”

Source: Twitter

The Otherdeed NFT collection has been faring quite well on its part. Over the past 24 hours, it registered sales worth more than 1 million ETH. The same translated into a 95% hike when compared to the previous day. Resultantly, the collection stood second on the sales volume ranking chart, right next to Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Source: CryptoSlam