Nicklaus Hospital Foundation To Accept Bitcoin Donations


With the Crypto craze slowly taking over the world, the medical field also seems to be embracing Cryptocurrency. Partnering with The Giving Block, the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation announced on October 5th that it has started accepting Crypto donations. 

This step is a historic one because the organization is the first in South Florida to accept donations in the form of Cryptocurrency. 

The president of the foundation expressed how excited the company was about this huge milestone. He added that the organization hopes that this easy, fast and secure transaction will enable them to reach more supporters.

In addition, the organization accepts contributions in the following cryptocurrencies. 

  • Bitcoin 
  • Ethereum 
  • Basic Attention Token
  • Litecoin
  • The graph 
  • Zcash
  • AMP

(The list above is to mention a few. )

About the Partners

The Giving Block

The Giving Block is a cryptocurrency donation solution that provides an ecosystem for NGOs and other charity organizations to collect Crypto donations. 

Additionally, Alex Wilson and Pat Duffy Founded this platform in 2018. 

The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization. The founders, Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, launched the organization in 2004. 

The couple’s goal was that they would provide world-class pediatric care for disadvantaged families because they were pretty passionate about the wellbeing of children. 

Resultantly, through Nicklaus Children hospital, Jack and Barbara have offered help to children from more than a hundred and twenty countries. In addition, the foundation has raised over one hundred million dollars to advance pediatric initiatives.

The NCHCF website says its mission is to advance and enhance children’s healthcare both locally and also globally. 

Importantly, this non-profit organization supports families and patients of the Nicklaus Children Hospital.

The Nicklaus Children Hospital 

Opened in 1950, NCH was previously known as Miami Children’s Hospital. Additionally, the hospital has a total of 289 beds, over 650 attending physicians, and more than 120 pediatric subspecialties.

Notably, its patients are also between the ages of 0-21. 

Blockchain Uses in the Medical Field 

A blockchain is a decentralized, shared, and digital ledger of transactions that collects information in groups (blocks) and distributes them across the network. 

Bitcoin is also an example of a blockchain.

Blockchains play a massive role in the health care sector. Some roles include;

  • Providing secure encryption of patient medical records
  • Aid researchers in unlocking the genetic code
  • Managing, identifying, and trailing Pharmaceutical supply
  • Smart contracts for insurance and supply supplements 
  • Verification of Medical Staff credentials

Blockchains have a decentralized, transparent, and incorruptible log of every patient’s data, making it widespread for security apps.


In summary, the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation is a charity organization that deals with pediatric patients ( between 0-21). Therefore, the organization has taken a massive step by accepting Crypto as a form of donation because it also means more donations.

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