Nvidia Surpasses Microsoft as World’s Most Valuable Company

Joshua Ramos
nvidia stock
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Chipmaker Nvidia has officially surpassed Microsoft as the world’s most valuable company by market cap. Indeed, the former has passed the tech giant when it reached a $3 trillion market value in June, also exceeding the value of Apple in the last month.

The company has greatly benefited from the recent surge in AI products that began in 2023. For the last two years, the company has increased by more than nine times amid its 3.2% increase during trading on Tuesday.

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Nvidia Officially Surpasses Microsoft in Market Cap

Over the last year, OpenAI has led a massive surge in interest in artificial intelligence products. The company’s generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, has seen a meteoric rise transform the tech sector. Now, chipmaker Nvidia has ridden that wave to pass Microsoft as the most valuable company in the world.

This year alone, Nvidia stock has seen its value surge by more than 170%. Moreover, a massive part of its success has been its role in generative AI. The company currently produces 80% of the chips used in these programs.

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A plethora of companies have sought to compete in the emerging sector, and have sought out Nvidia chips to do that. As a result, the company’s value keeps soaring. First arriving in 1991, the company’s data center work increased by 427% in its most recent quarter as opposed to a year ago.

That figure reached $22.6 billion and is now more than 85% of its overall sales. After surpassing Microsoft and Apple, there are experts who believe Nvidia could be the first company to surpass $4 trillion in market cap. There are no signs of the chipmaker’s value decreasing amid its importance to the emerging AI business.