OneCoin Scam Founder ‘Crypto Queen’ Murdered?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Crypto News

According to the Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data (BIRD), OneCoin crypto scam founder Ruja Ignatova was murdered in 2018. According to BIRD, a police agent who was found dead in Sofia had the documents confirming Ignatova’s murder. Apparently, Ignatova was murdered on a yacht in Greece in November 2018. Furthermore, the document stated that her body was dismembered and disposed of in the Lonian Sea.

According to speculations, the murder may have happened, but there is no concrete evidence. The cryptocurrency fraudster would not have made it to the FBI’s most wanted list if she was already dead. The dead police officer, who had the documents pointing to Ignatova’s murder, was found last year. And Ignatova was added to the FBI’s most-wanted list in June 2022.

Other OneCoin crypto fraudsters apprehanded

The OneCoin scam is one of the biggest in the cryptocurrency space, and Ignatova is one of the most notorious individuals in the sector. However, authorities have started pursuing those connected to the multi-billion-dollar scam. Although the hunt for the OneCoin founder continues, U.S. officials detained and charged OneCoin executives as far back as 2019.

Ignatova’s ex-boyfriend was also given a five-year prison term. He was accused of using the proceeds to launder $300 million. Karl Sebastian Greenwood, a co-founder, pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering recently.

Ignatova’s story has made its way into a documentary called “Crypto Queen.” Additionally, there are rumors that Ignatova has changed her gender and is now living as a man. The murder and alleged sex change may be all part of her escape plan. Ignatova was last seen on Oct. 25th, 2017. She was last seen boarding a flight to Athens from the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.