OpenAI Developing ChatGPT Upgrade to Make it Customizable

Joshua Ramos
Source: Engadget

The chatbot that has taken over the tech industry is set to take a new step in elaborating its user experience. Reuters has reported that OpenAI is developing a ChatGPT upgrade that will make it customizable to specific users.

The upgrade is reportedly being developed to answer some concerns raised about the program in recent days. As Microsoft has unveiled the ChatGPT-powered Bing to testers, there have been some rather unsettling results that have some uneasy about the technology.

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ChatGPT to be Customizable

It is impossible to understate the viral sensation that ChaGPT has become since its launch at the tail end of last year. A generative AI program, it has been the talk of the tech world for its advanced capabilities. Showcasing the progression of AI, and the untapped market for their value as tools

Now, the research firm behind the program is taking it another step forward, as OpenAI is developing a ChatGPT upgrade to make the system customizable. A development that will hopefully address some worries debuting alongside the debut of the ChatGPT-powered Bing search engine

Source: Forbes

Reuters reported the development, stating that the research firm is developing the upgrade amidst “concerns about bias in artificial intelligence.” Moreover, the California startup has reportedly, “worked to mitigate political and other biases,” in its development. Alongside their desire to “accommodate more diverse views.”

Although the firm has stated there will “always be some bounds on system behavior,” it will upgrade the programs to be customizable for the benefit of the user experience. STating the pursuit of allowing system outputs to adhere to user perspectives and preferences.