OpenAI Releases ChatGPT API

Joshua Ramos
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Source: ATRIA Innovation

OpenAI has officially announced a ChatGPT API to allow developers to integrate the technology into their applications. According to the official announcement, the interface grants “developed access to cutting edge language (note just chat!) and speech-to-text capabilities.”

OpenAI president and co-founder, Greg Brockman, spoke on the importance of the API for developers. Noting the interface is “10% the price of our flagship language model [and] matching / better at any pretty much any task (not just chat).”

ChatGPT API Unveiled

Since its arrival in November, ChatGPT has been the talk of the tech world. Subsequently and inadvertently setting off an AI arms race, the application has captivated users. Specifically, its advanced capabilities have generated a newfound market for artificial intelligence that seemingly grows by the day.

Now, the research firm behind the chatbot has introduced a product to allow developers to integrate the same technology. OpenAI has released a ChatGPT API to provide the technology for integration in any host of applications and products.

Source: Search Engine Journal

“ChatGPT and Whisper models are now available on our API,” the press release stated. Adding, “we’ve achieved 90% cost reduction for ChatGPT since December; we’re now passing through those savings to API users.”

Moreover, the announcement notes the “open-source Whisper large-V2 model,” is available to developers. Additionally, those who utilize the ChatGPT API “can expect continuous model improvements and the option to choose dedicated capacity for deeper control over the models.”

Throughout the announcement, ChatGPT notes that the API is already in use by a host of entities. Among those include the creator of Snapchat, Snap Inc., who introduced My AI for their Snapchat+ service this week. Alongside Quizlet and Instacart, among several others.