P2E Token PlayDoge Raises $4M in Two Weeks—Is It The Best Meme Coin to Buy Now?

Joshua Ramos

The cryptocurrency market has seen meme coins dominate the year so far. Subsequently, traders have been outspoken about the potential of the newest Play-2-Earn (P2E) token to hit the market, PlayDoge.

Its presale first began two weeks ago and has received a tremendous response. Indeed, it has already raised more than $14 million from investors, as it emerges as one of the best meme coins to buy right now.

PlayDoge: Retro Gaming Meets Crypto Rewards

The constantly evolving cryptocurrency market has yet to see anything like PlayDoge. Indeed, the P2E creation brings traders back to the nostalgic days of 8-bit video games like Pokemon or Tamagotchi.

It allows users to both adopt and care for their own ‘Pet’ in the form of a pixelated Doge. But the gaming facet of the token is not all that it has to; offer, as it presents traders with both utility and immense potential inside of its charming pixelated exterior.

The object of the game is to feed, train, and play with your own personal pet. Moreover, success in this will allow users to earn coveted PLAY tokens. These in-game rewards can then be cashed out by players, with the potential to earn them yields of 244%.

Additionally, there are mini-games that make taking care of your virtual pet all the more interesting. The better the user is at these various challenges, the more PLAY that they earn. The combination of these facets has allowed PlayDoge to garner extensive interest in the PlayDoge presale.

PlayDoge Raises More Than $4 Million in Just Two Weeks

There Is no better evidence of the token’s growing interest than its recent presale success. In just two weeks, PlayDoge has raised more than $4 million from excited investors looking to get a head start on earning PLAY tokens.

Currently, these PLAY tokens are available for $0.00506, but they won’t stay that way. Due to the structure of the presale, the token will see its price increase over time. Therefore, interested traders have all the incentive to buy the tokens now, with their value expected to surge.

PlayDoge’s whitepaper notes that 50% of the current 9.4 billion PLAY tokens are saved for presale investors. Subsequently, those traders are given a massive stake in the game’s future. The developers of PlayDoge have massive plans and are all set to introduce them once the presale concludes.

There is currently 11.5% of the entire PLAY supply allocated for liquidity, and decentralized exchange listings for the asset are being planned. The team is also hopeful that a centralized exchange listing could be on the cards in the future.

Is it the Best Crypto to Buy Now?

So, does all of this make PlayDoge the best meme coin to purchase right now? Well, there are a few different facets that certainly promise a bright future for the game. Firstly, the crypto gaming community has seen increased interest on a global scale.

The market is eyeing a value of $320 billion in the next two years. With the P2E market already valued at more than $12 million, PlayDoge is certainly in a great position to capitalize on that tremendous growth.

Additionally, Play Doge is set to benefit from P2E interest, as well as the surging popularity of meme coins. Players not only get to play games built to resemble some of the most popular retro titles, but they are also able to earn PLAY tokens while they do so.

This combination will attract a plethora of gamers, and be an overwhelming positive for the value of the PLAY token. Although time will only tell if it is set to live up to the hype, its presale success certainly showcases its immense potential.

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