Pakistan Can Join BRICS With Russia’s Help, Says Senator

Vinod Dsouza
Pakistan Russia flags BRICS
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Pakistan is looking to join BRICS and is taking the help of Russia to be a part of the bloc. Moscow and Islamabad have close ties and Islamabad is using the friendly relations to land a spot in BRICS. However, India remains unhappy about the prospects of Pakistan joining BRICS as the two countries have been at loggerheads for decades. The development would make BRICS crack as India does not want to share the stage with its neighboring country Pakistan.

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On the heels of the development, Pakistani politician and senator Mushahid Hussain says that the country can join BRICS with Russia’s help. Hussain also met Russia’s senator Vladimir Chizhov to push Moscow to send an invite for Pakistan to join BRICS.

Russia and Pakistan’s ties go back decades and the two countries have positive relations in the fields of energy, connectivity, education, and regional security. Securing Pakistan a spot in BRICS will also help Russia in decision-making as Islamabad will tiptoe to Moscow.

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In addition, Pakistan’s economy is crumbling, and joining BRICS will give the country a bigger financial stage to stand on. However, whether the bloc will invite Pakistan to join and send an invitation remains to be a mystery.

India Unhappy About Russia Helping Pakistan To Join BRICS

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India believes Pakistan does not bring anything new to the table and only leeches on what BRICS offers. Adding Pakistan into the alliance will make it a one-way street as the country does not offer anything financially. Therefore, India firmly believes that Pakistan will only bring trouble into the alliance and give nothing else in return.

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Not many countries are favorable towards inducting Pakistan into the bloc. This makes Pakistan depend on its only friend Russia to land a spot in the alliance that is aiming to topple the US dollar.