Pandiana Presale Goes Live as 10% of Token Supply is Sold in Just 24 Hours 

Jaxon Gaines

A new Solana-based meme coin, Pandiana, has officially launched its presale. In what was a massive success, the token sold a remarkable 10% of its entire supply in the first 24 hours alone. Moreover, it has combined its Panda theme and unique utility to create a key entry into the growing play-to-earn (P2E) space.

Pandiana will certainly appeal to gamers. The PNDA token boasts a utility that creates both interactive and engaging gaming experiences. Its success to this point should speak to its potential within the increasingly competitive meme coin sector.

Pandiana Presale Proves to be a Massive Success

Pandiana (PNDA) has proven to be immensely successful following its presale. That has shown both the potential of the asset itself and the growing demand from the market for something like it.

10% of the presale allocation was snatched by investors. They have undoubtedly shown an interest in Pandiana’s unique approach to gaming and crypto. The token implements a gaming rewards model that allows players to profit from their continued progression through the game.

This facet allows a sort of strategy to become a key part of the token’s experience. Indeed, the approach will give players something that has certainly been missing from normal gaming options, and traditional cryptocurrencies.

PNDA Tokenomics Ensure Growth is the Name of the Game

Pandiana has implemented a tokenomics plan that focuses on long-term growth. The tokenomic strategy is separated into eight parts; presale, advisors, team, ecosystem Treasury, P2E rewards, staking rewards, liquidity, and airdrop/ marketing.

The presale will see 40% of the supply, or 4,000,000 PNDA offered to early investors. This will be an avenue for those early adopters to enjoy notable value increases for their holdings. Therefore, both advisors and the team will receive 10% and 5%, respectively. This will incentivize both strategic partners and the development team to focus on continued growth for the project.

Then, the ecosystem treasury, and both P2E and staking rewards will receive 5%, 15%, and 12% of the supply. Subsequently, this will also feed long-term growth. It funds the ongoing future development and provides the in-game rewards that keep players coming back, and staking rewards for long-term holding and engagement.

Finally, liquidity and marketing will receive 10% and 3% of the token’s supply, respectively. The former will maintain the stability of the token, while the latter will seek to increase the overall promotional facets of the project.

The Newest Meme Coin Offers Both Rarity and Value

PNDA provides investors with both rarity and value. Currently, the presale rate is 1 Solana (SOL) = 400 PNDA. This shows the ability to participate with just a 1 SOL investment.

Additionally, Pandiana is set to list on a well-known decentralized exchange, Raydium. That listing rate is antiquated at 1 SOL equaling 200 PNDA to increase accessibility of the asset. Altogether, it presents a key opportunity, with a promising future and a clear plan for growth and stability.

Join the Pandiana presale today at and get in on the next great meme coin. Then, stay up to date on all things in the PNDA ecosystem by viewing its whitepaper or joining its Telegram, Discord, and X (formerly Twitter) communities.