BSC Tutorial: Participating in PancakeSwap Lottery


Are you looking tp participate in the Pancakeswap lottery? PancakeSwap is a new decentralized exchange (DEX) (launched in September 2020) that makes use of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology. Its protocols involve strong governance in the community. As a reward, PancakeSwap users can swap tokens among each other and can earn monetary incentives. It runs entirely on algorithms, making it an Automated Market Maker (AMM).

The PancakeSwap lottery works the same way a lottery does. The main aim is to raise money by making participants purchase tickets at a set price to enter into a draw. In this case, you will use your cakes to buy an unlimited number of tickets when one cake is one ticket. You will be allocated a number between 1-14, and the draw will last six hours. 

If some of the terminologies on PancakeSwap seem too delicious, it’s because the anonymous developers like rabbits and breakfast pastries. To win, you must match the four numbers on your ticket to the numbers drawn at random. You still get a prize for correctly matching three numbers or two numbers. 

Participating in a PancakeSwap Lottery

Connect Your Wallet of Choice to PancakeSwap

You can do this by signing up for the PancakeSwap lottery page

pancakeswap lottery


You choose the tokens you would like to Swap and select a trading amount. Check if the information is correct before hitting Swap. Confirm the information by clicking Confirm Swap. Note that other users have access to all transactions on the website.

Adding Liquidity

This feature allows you to add tokens to liquidity pools (LPs). It can be explained in layman’s terms as adding money to your bank account. For every token added to the LP, you will receive native tokens to PancakeSwap called FLIP tokens. 


Farming involves staking your LP tokens to earn cake. You are to match your LP tokens which allow the contract to withdraw them for you. You will have to approve the transaction and a fee before confirmation. Confirm the amount you would like to stake and confirm. You will then have earned cake and may have earned sone rewards you can harvest at any time. 


Stake your cake in Syrup Pools to earn reward tokens. Withdraw your tokens by clicking on approve cake. Once approved, you can choose the amount of cake you are willing to stake. From there, you will earn rewards tokens passively and if you wish to cash out, tap Harvest. 


Choose the number of tickets you want to purchase, bearing in mind that one cake will get you one ticket and approve the transaction. You then confirm the transaction, and then the waiting game begins. Six hours later, after the lottery is over, you can see what you won on the page. 

PancakeSwap Collectibles

Don’t worry if you don’t win the lottery. You can get other prizes by participating, such as special NTFs, which you can trade to get more cake. 

The Contribution of the Pancakeswap Lottery in The AMM Space

The lottery is a fun way for all users to interact and add value to cake holders in the PancakeSwap community by rewarding winners with cash prizes and valuable NFTs that can be collected or sold depending on your preference. Everyone wins eventually because the event’s deflationary mechanic adds value to all users’ cake tokens

Because of the innovative nature of PancakeSwap, it has become the number one AMM among all Binance Smart Chains.