Pepe Coin: How Many Holders Are in Profit?

Sahana Kiran
Source – Watcher Guru

Pepe Coin [PEPE] has been a prime example of the dramatic shifts common in the cryptocurrency world. Despite a significant price drop today, most investors have seen substantial profits. PEPE experienced a sharp decline in value after its developer team sold a large amount of the meme coin.

The sale led to a 4% decrease in price. This further interrupted its recent upward trend. At press time, PEPE is trading at $0.00001688. This dip follows a period of strong gains fuelled by investor enthusiasm and a broader rise in Ethereum-related coins.


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Analyzing the Current Profit Landscape

Despite today’s setback, on-chain data shows that over 96% of PEPE investors are still in profit after the recent rally. According to the “Global In/Out of the Money” indicator from market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock, most PEPE holders have entered profitable zones due to the coin’s previous surge. The indicator details the number of addresses that bought PEPE at various historical prices. The data reveals that most addresses are below the current price of $0.00001688, indicating significant gains for these investors.


Specifically, 96.36% of all PEPE investors are currently “in the money.” This means that they hold profitable positions. Only a tiny fraction of investors which is around 10 addresses are at a net loss, a small number compared to the 236,320 addresses enjoying profits. The remaining investors are “at the money” level, with the current price retesting their average acquisition cost. This restest phase is crucial, as it can affect investors’ profit-loss status and influence their market decisions.

This is crucial for investors for several reasons. When the price nears its average cost, it can change its profit-loss scenario, prompting decisions to hold, sell, or buy more. For PEPE, this situation highlights the high profitability for most investors. This is despite today’s price drop. It reflects the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, where rapid gains and losses are common.

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