Pepe Coin: How Many Zeroes Can PEPE Eliminate in June 2024?

Sahana Kiran
Source – CoinGape

Pepe Coin [PEPE], a frog-inspired cryptocurrency, has recently soared to an all-time high of $0.00001683, surpassing its previous record of $0.00001577 just a day prior. At press time, PEPE’s price was slightly lower at $0.00001678 with an 11% daily rise. This surge has created a significant buzz, leading to wonder if PEPE can continue its climb and eliminate more zeroes in June 2024.


Since its inception last year, PEPE has shown an exceptional ability to generate profits for its investors, Unlike many meme coins that draw inspiration from dog memes, PEPE stands out with its frog theme. This distinction, along with its strategic price peaks has fuelled its rising popularity.

PEPE’s performance has been extraordinary. After hitting a notable peak soon after its launch, it reached another high at the beginning of this year. This trend further persisted throughout May. Overall, PEPE has surged an impressive 29,711% since its launch. The meme coin saw a 136% increase this month followed by a 81% surge last week alone.

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June Predictions for PEPE

With PEPE’s current momentum, Changelly is optimistic about its potential for further growth in June 2024. The network further revealed that the meme coin could trade at a low of $0.0000219. The highest that the asset will be priced that next month would be $0.0000557. Additionally, on average, analysts expect PEPE to be around $0.0000388 during the month.

Furthermore, the above forecast suggests a strong upward trend, indicating that PEPE could indeed eliminate more zeroes from its price. This makes it an appealing option for those seeking substantial returns. However, the volatility that the overall market experiences stands as a major hurdle.

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