PEPE Continues To Surge: Is It Too Late To Buy Pepe Coin?

Source: Telegaon

PEPE Coin was one of the biggest cryptocurrency debutants of 2023. The meme-coin was inspired by the notorious frog meme. At press time, PEPE is trading at $0.000006413. It is on a 600% surge in the past month, mimicking the surge it had upon its launch last year.

Now that PEPE has surpassed its all-time high, traders are curious if they can still buy in on PEPE to make a profit or if the best days are in the past. Fortunately, the entire cryptocurrency market has been seeing green over the past month, hence the meme-coin isn’t just an outlier.

Source – Outlook India

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When it comes to the meme-coin market, in particular, there isn’t necessarily a “too late” worry. With how cheap PEPE coin is trading, the potential to erase a zero can generate enough hype to make buying PEPE worth it.

Furthermore, as PEPE is an AI-based cryptocurrency, the development and hype around AI technology can increase the coin’s price. While the biggest surges for PEPE may have already happened, there is still potential for the coin to rise along with the altcoin market.

PEPE’s current market cap stands at $2.68 billion, and the current coin supply is 420.69T. If a burn of PEPE occurs soon, the price could rise once again. Therefore, it’s not too late to buy PEPE coin. However, you will not likely see the same profits that current holders see now, having invested at launch.