Pepe Price Prediction: When Can It Hit $0.00002? 

Juhi Mirza
Source – Coinfomania

Pepe is one of the most popular crypto-memo currencies of the season. The token has noted a steady surge this bull season due to its fluid community sentiment and approach.

With Coinbase announcing Pepe perpetual futures, the token is poised to hit an all-time high, with its price threshold breaching the $0.0002 mark sooner than expected.

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Price analysis of Pepe: When Can It Hit? $0.0002


The price of Pepe shot up to trade in green after the Coinbase announcement that stated that it would soon be launching Pepe perpetual futures on Coinbase. The development was dubbed a huge deal for a meme currency, catapulting the Pepe price to surge by 16%, trading at $0.000008025.

As per a notable crypto platform, CoinCodex, Pepe may spike by a staggering 267% by May 22 if it continues to leverage the current market pace. By spiking nearly 200%, Pepe can easily break past the $0.0002 threshold and may trade at $0.0002604.

“According to our current Pepe Coin price prediction, the price of Pepe Coin is predicted to rise by 228.60% and reach $0.00002604 by May 24, 2024. Per our technical indicators, the current sentiment is bullish, while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 72 (greed).

Pepe Technical Analysis 2024

Pepe was one of the fastest-growing crypto tokens in the current bull market. Launched in 2023, the token took off soon after its launch, trading in green most of the time and becoming a community favorite token to trade and interact with.

As per CoinCodex, Pepe may spike by nearly 368% to trade between   0.07925 and $0.00003752 price levels.

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“Pepe Coin may trade within a range of $ 0.07925 and $0.00003752. If it reaches the upper price target, PEPE could increase by 367.68% and reach $0.00003752.”