Polkadot Announces Major Partnerships in July 2024

Vinod Dsouza
PolkaDot dot
Source: Unsplash

PolkaDot (DOT) signed major partnership deals with the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Archisinal, a real-time Web3 data platform. The two partnerships were signed this month in July 2024 and Polkadot will advance the usage of blockchain technology. The Foundation will power UBA’s Artificial Intelligence (IALAB) creating a cutting-edge learning environment for students.

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The University of Buenos Aires in Argentina has begun exploring the potential of blockchain technology and the Polkadot Foundation will develop and build a new blockchain application for the UBA. The collaboration will help the academic community to move from the classroom to ‘smart classes’ by redesigning the faculty’s hearing room. The deal between Polkadot and UBA was first signed in 2023 and is now being developed.

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UBA is leveraging Polkadot’s blockchain technology and innovating with the growing application for collective educative infra projects. The Pokladot and the University of Buenos Aires partnership will inspire other universities to follow similar initiatives. The move will also help students to discover the blockchain and Web3 technologies.

Polkadot’s Partnership With Web3 Firm ‘Archisinal’

Source: Pixabay

Apart from the partnership with the University of Buenos Aires, Polkadot also signed deals with Web3 firm Archisinal. The Web3 firm is well known in the hackathon space for its multiple wins in the domain. Archisinal, with the help of Polkadot, will launch a seamlessly innovative blockchain for the UBA in the coming months.

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The partnerships will usher the education sector into a new era of fintech and blockchain technology. Archisinal also provides scholarship programs from the Web3 Foundation’s Decentralized Futures. The developments push Polkadot into new territories making it stand apart from the rest of the blockchains in the market.

Once the blockchain for UBA is fully functional and implemented, DOT’s price could expect an uptick. Its price is currently trading around the $6 mark and could head north if the partnerships bear fruits.