Polygon Network Welcomes Google Cloud as a Validator

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Polygon Network Welcomes Google Cloud as a Validator
Source: Search Engine Journal

Tech giant Google Cloud is now participating as a validator node operator on the Polygon proof-of-stake blockchain network. Polygon and Google both announced this week that Google Cloud has joined the decentralized set of over 100 validators helping secure the Ethereum scaling platform.

In a tweet, Polygon said that the network is now using the same infrastructure that powers Google services. These include the likes of Gmail and YouTube to validate transactions on its network. Polygon highlighted the tech firm’s reputation for security and reliability as an asset for providing an added layer of protection for users.

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Google Cloud is playing a governance role in the network

Validators like Google Cloud are crucial to verifying blocks and signing checkpoint votes that finalize transactions on Polygon’s proof-of-stake consensus model. By contributing node infrastructure, Google is playing a governance role in the network.

In its own tweet, Google Cloud said serving as a Polygon validator allows it to support the network’s security, governance, and decentralization. The move aligns with Google Cloud’s expanding support for blockchain infrastructure and Web3 services.

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Polygon also noted that its validator dashboard allows anyone to monitor performance and track participation by all validators. This now includes Google Cloud. The collaboration demonstrates large tech companies’ growing involvement in digital asset systems, both as builders and participants.