Pop Star Jay Chou Lost $550,000 Worth of NFTs in a Phishing Scam

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Pop Star Jay Chou Lost $550,000 Worth of NFTs in a Phishing Scam
Source: Unsplash

Jay Chou, a Taiwanese pop star, loses $550,000 worth of NFTs in a phishing scam.

The scammer looted the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT from Jay Chou, which was gifted by the famous Taiwanese singer Jeffrey Hwang. He also fell victim to the scam losing NFTs, including the Mutant Ape Yacht Club and two Doodles.

Jay Chou took it for an April joke

Jay Chou thought it was an April fools joke, but in reality, he was actually fooled by the scammers.

Crypto sleuth zachxbt tweeted about the scam, saying it is another verified Twitter phishing scam. These kinds of scams usually happen when scammers buy stolen verified accounts, carry out the scam activity, and flee.

He has warned various times about similar incidents and asked people to be cautious of what they approve of. The scammers host giveaways and sketchy projects through these verified Twitter account and begin their attacks.

He has shared some of the similar scammy activities so that users can be wary of these attacks.

Certain caution to avoid being the next Jay Chou

Phishing attacks like this have been steadily rising as scammers find loopholes to loot NFTs and crypto-assets. We saw the launch of a series of episodes when the APE Coin was launched.

Scammers had set up a phishing website, similar to the APE Coin airdrop claim website, and looted multiple BAYC NFTs and tokens from the approved wallets.

As long as there are crossroads to make money and scam the general public, the scammers will never stop inventing new ways to fool them. To keep in mind, always check the website you are clicking and connecting your wallets to.

Also, try to avoid similar giveaways by verified Twitter accounts claiming to giveaway free crypto and NFTs. It’s necessary to always DYOR.