‘Positive’ Metaverse Interest Is Highly Concentrated in These Countries

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Emizentech

Cryptocurrency and Web3 platform Coin Kickoff recently examined around 1.6 million tweets from various geographic locations and came up with a list of countries on both sides of the metaverse spectrum. With 56.8% positive metaverse tweets, Vietnam ranked first on the ‘love’ list. Likewise, Ireland topped the ‘hate’ list, with 14.4% of negative tweets related to the metaverse.

Philippines, Ukraine, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Taiwan followed Vietnam’s suit. As shown below, the share of positive tweets oscillated in the 47.3% to 56.2% range.

Source: Coin Kickoff

Denmark, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, and Norway followed Ireland on the other side of the spectrum. Their negative tweets ranged in the 11.7% to 13.2% bracket.

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Does the U.S. really hate the Metaverse?

As global interest in the metaverse is still bubbling, Americans, “are still unsure about whether it will benefit them.” According to a 2022 survey, only 7% of respondents affirmed that the concept made them “more excited” about the future. On the contrary, 58% of the surveyors brought to light their indifference toward the metaverse.

Despite this, there’s a tinge of hope. Coin Kickoff’s research found the positive sentiment in Twitter posts about the metaverse in all 50 states.

Wyoming is reportedly the most excited, with positive sentiment in 40.7% of tweets. Giving an insight into the west vs. east trend, the report noted,

Eight of the ten U.S. states most positive about the metaverse were in the west of the country, while five of the ten most negative are on the East Coast. However, North Dakotans are the most pessimistic about the metaverse, with critical sentiment in 21.6% of tweets.

Source: Coin Kickoff

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