Predict-to-Earn Coin Green Bitcoin Hits Uniswap DEX in 24 Hours After Presale Sell-Out, CEX Listing Imminent

Paigambar Mohan Raj
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Green Bitcoin (GBTC), an eco-friendly crypto project with a twist, will debut on the Uniswap DEX Tomorrow.

This unique “gamified green staking” platform aims to promote sustainability – all while offering exciting rewards for GBTC holders.

Green Bitcoin Launches on Uniswap Tomorrow Ahead of Next Week’s CEX Listing

Green Bitcoin has hit the ground running, with its recent presale raising an impressive $9.5 million from investors eager to get in early.

And the hype shows no signs of cooling as GBTC tokens are set to go live on Uniswap Tomorow at 1 pm UTC.

This Uniswap listing is only the first stage of Green Bitcoin’s rollout.

The real fireworks could come as soon as next week since the team has teased a major announcement regarding an imminent CEX listing on April 10.

If everything goes according to plan, GBTC will begin trading on this yet-to-be-named CEX the next day.

Any new crypto’s CEX debut is pivotal – bringing greater liquidity and exposure to a wider trading audience.

However, Green Bitcoin’s entry to centralized markets could be particularly explosive, given the buzz built up during the presale phase.

Traders have been chomping at the bit to get involved, and over 5,200 people are now actively participating in Green Bitcoin’s Telegram channel.

Gamified Green Staking Protocol Ignites Hype for GBTC

It’s not hard to see why Green Bitcoin (GBTC) has been generating so much traction.

This eco-friendly project is introducing something entirely new – a gamified green staking protocol that lets users play price prediction games while earning rewards.

GBTC holders can stake their tokens to make daily forecasts of Bitcoin’s price.

If they guess correctly, they earn a share of the day’s rewards pool – the bigger the stake, the bigger the potential payout.

This fresh and fun way of interacting with the crypto market is one of the main reasons Green Bitcoin has received praise.

Plus, the team has already teased a major protocol update for April 18, suggesting even more exciting features to come.

Alongside the staking aspect, GBTC also stands out for its focus on sustainability.

By using a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, GBTC transactions consume just 34 watt-hours of energy.

That’s a fraction of Bitcoin’s 1,173,000 watt-hour footprint per transaction.

So, by getting involved in the GBTC ecosystem, investors will not only have the opportunity to earn rewards but also support a more environmentally friendly approach to crypto.

Coinsult Audit & Influencer Backing Boost Green Bitcoin’s Momentum

As if GBTC’s eco-friendly mission wasn’t enough, the project has some extra wind in its sails heading into today’s Uniswap launch.

For one, GBTC has earned a stamp of credibility by completing a smart contract audit from Coinsult.

This independent review reinforces the security of Green Bitcoin’s underlying tech as it prepares to hit the open market.

The hype has also been amplified by a selection of popular crypto influencers throwing their weight behind the project.

YouTubers like Matthew Perry and ClayBro have produced videos analyzing Green Bitcoin’s potential – with Perry even urging his followers to “check it out.”

But perhaps the biggest potential catalyst on the horizon is the Bitcoin halving event.

This predetermined supply squeeze has historically preceded massive BTC rallies due to the laws of supply and demand.

While the halving won’t directly impact Green Bitcoin, the resulting volatility could create the perfect environment for GBTC to surge.

With all the pieces falling into place and influencers hopping on board, it’s no wonder Green Bitcoin is such a hot topic ahead of its Uniswap debut.

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