Pudgy Penguins: What You Need to Know About the Latest NFTs

Pudgy Penguins

What are Pudgy Penguins?

Pudgy Penguins are cryptographic Ethereum NFTs that are located in the Arctic region of the metaverse.

These adorable penguins are 8888 in total and are currently surging in value. Just recently, a user made 600,000 dollars after flipping a penguin. The interesting thing about the penguin sold is that it was facing a different direction from the rest.

The team, just like any other NFT developers, came up with their language. Owners are referred to as Hurdlers, while Penguins are called penguins.

NFTs and physical artwork are similar to some extent. Take Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa, for instance. This renaissance painting is still relevant to date because it is one of its kind. We are, however, not sure whether these NFTs will be relevant in the coming generation.

Each pudgy penguin has a unique feature ranging from bowl cuts, a mohawk, glasses, hats, and scarves.

Is The Pudgy Penguins’ Future Looking Bright or Not?

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian purchased his pudgy penguin and posted about it on Twitter and people went crazy purchasing these NFTs. When the New York Times covered the Pudgy Penguins’ story, numbers grew even more.

These adorable Pengus sold out very quickly after their minting. Are the future promising for them and their hurdlers?

The Penguin future seems bright. So far, their transaction volume sits at 11.8 million dollars worth of Ethereum. Pudgy Penguin NFTs now sit above Cryptopunk’s $7.6 million and Border Ape’s $2.1 million.

Border ape made its first million sales this past weekend. Cryptopunk also has its share of success after making a couple of multi-million-dollar sales.

The most expensive Pudgy Penguin sold for 150 WETH and has re-listed on Opensea for 1000 Ether (over 3 million US dollars).

These Non-Fungible tokens have sold close to 9,500 times, and the average pricing for one token was around 1,400 dollars.

There is no individual founder of the Pudgy Penguin NFT project, but eight people control the tokens. The eight members responsible include Ecko, Jonan, Cole, Straker XP, Wybo, Mr. Tubby Hiro, and Micah.

Cole, one of the eight Pudgy Penguins members, has a negative history and seems to raise suspicious thoughts.

He ran a business called eBoy Outlet, and people called him out and gave negative reviews. Cole, however, claimed that he founded the business without much capital.

Customers gave negative reviews after customers failed to receive their orders, refunds, and responses to their complaints.

He also founded MFP, which has been quite inactive. Making excuses and empty promises to customers, one might expect him to incur losses instead of gains, but it is the opposite.

More and more people are investing in Pudgy penguins, and business is booming for Cole and his teammates.

There is a 50% chance the project might flop but look at the bright side.

Whether this will be a hype and dump kind of situation or not remains a mystery. Let’s wait and see where these sliding NFTs will lead us to.