Real Madrid and FC Barcelona File Joint Crypto-Based Trademarks

Source: Pixabay

Football powerhouses Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have filed a joint crypto-based trademark application. According to American trademark and patent attorney Michael Kondoudism, both clubs plan to continue exploring the metaverse world with the trademarks.

The trademark petition was filed at the USPTO on 5 August with the serial number 97536450, per Michael Kondoudism. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona appear to be seeking protection for crypto-related applications. These include Virtual reality software to manage cryptocurrency transactions on blockchain technology. 

Both LaLiga clubs also have digital clothing, footwear, headwear, and sportswear that they seek to protect. The trademark would protect these as well as e-commerce and e-payment technology. This technology allows users to conduct electronic business transactions using a computer network. They also each have their own fan coins available.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona both have entered the multiverse as well. Madrid fans can visit the San Bernabeu stadium from anywhere in the world by using the multiverse launched earlier in 2022. Barcelona also has plans to offer the same multiverse experience for Camp Nou, but an exact release date has yet to be revealed. FC Barcelona is currently experiencing plenty of financial hardships. Hence, entering the crypto world is another way to further lessen the burden on the club.