A $262 June investment in Rich Quack is worth this much right now

Vinod Dsouza
Rich Quack Token
Early investors of Rich Quack are sitting on sacks of profits.

Rich Quack token has delivered a fistful of dollars to investors who took an early entry position during its initial days. The meme-token was launched on June 9, 2021, and traded in the indices at a modest price of $0.000000000098.

One lucky investor who threw in a mere $262 during its initial days reaped profits of $612,518 in just five months. That’s a phenomenal return of 233,785% in profits and delivered massive returns on investment (ROI).

The investor pulled out the holdings when it reached its all-time high of $0.000000015463 on November 07, 2021. The lucky investor is a prime example of ‘buy low and sell high’ and now is sitting on sacks of profits.

Just like every other meme-token in the market, the initial days have always been rewarding and Rich Quack is no different. Shiba Inu, SafeMoon, Floki, BabyDoge Coin among others gave dramatic returns during its early days before cooling down.

However, Rich Quack is now down -81.9% from its all-time high it reached in November 2021. The dip is seen as a buying opportunity among investors who believe it would quench their financial aspirations in the long run.

QUACK is now a low-hanging fruit and is available at dirt-cheap prices. Its price is affordable to the Average Joe and can purchase 100 billion QUACK tokens for just $280 currently.

WhaleStats and WhaleMetaverse have given a buy signal to RichQuack urging investors to buy the dips. The whale watching firm predicted that meme-coins and metaverse tokens will spike tremendously in the next bull run.

““#Metaverse and #memecoin are leaders of next bull run. Analysis top 10 purchased tokens by 1k biggest ETH wallets. In 24-hours, we have $SHIB, $SAND, and $ELON. In the last 7 & 30 days, we have $GALA, $MANA, and $SAND,” tweeted WhateStats.

Rich Quack is up +23,202 From its All Time Low

QUACK plummeted drastically to $0.000000000012 on October 6, 2021, creating panic among the investor’s community. However, the meme-token rose like a phoenix and dusted itself from the ashes. It is now up +23,202 from its all-time low making investors who took an entry position then make huge profits.

The meme-token also shot up in price as it got listed on LBank. The listing opened the floodgates to new and first-time investors who lapped up the opportunity.

At the time of publishing, Rich Quack was trading at $0.000000002799 and is up +0.6%.