Richard Heart calls out Peter Schiff for his lack of knowledge about gold

Sahana Kiran
Richard Heart

The founder of the crypto coin HEX, Richard Heart, and gold bug, Peter Schiff were at it again. Only this time, Heart went all in and accused Schiff, a prominent advocate of gold, that he knew nothing about gold.

The crypto-verse isn’t new to spontaneous arguments on Twitter. The whole Bitcoin vs. Gold altercation has been going on for a while now. Bitcoin is quite often compared to gold. So much so that it is even called “digital gold.” Both these assets entail similar properties. However, Petter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, doesn’t seem to get the whole Bitcoin frenzy.

Schiff has time and again criticized Bitcoin. From suggesting that Bitcoin did not have any intrinsic value to constantly endorsing gold as a better safe haven, Schiff has been a part of the crypto-verse in one or the other way. Richard Heart picked up on Schiff’s recent rant about Bitcoin and an array of tweets followed suit.

In a recent series of tweets, Richard Heart addressed the comments made by Schiff about gold and Bitcoin. His tweet read,

This statement garnered the attention of a wide range of people who urged Schiff to go back to school.

Schiff’s narrative of Bitcoin being “un confiscatable” clearly triggered Heart who further pointed out how governments set up auctions to sell BTC acquired during seizures.

Moving over to gold, Richard Heart went on to suggest that Schiff had no knowledge about gold. Elaborating on the same, Heart stated,

“Peter just said he could carry $3M of gold in his suitcase. Lol. $800k of gold weigh 27 lbs. It would weigh 100 lbs. @PeterSchiff Doesn’t even know anything about gold! Which is pretty odd.”

Richard Heart and Peter Schiff’s previous altercations

This isn’t the first time that Richard Heart took a jab at Schiff. Back in September, Schiff decided to debate billionaire Mike Novogratz about the intrinsic value of Bitcoin. Reacting to Schiff’s challenge, Heart labeled the gold bug a “financial terrorist.” He further tweeted,