Richard Heart talks About His Childhood Struggles in The Highest of Stakes Crypto Movie Teaser

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Source: Twitter / The Highest of Stakes Movie

The upcoming crypto documentary The Highest of Stakes released a teaser where HEX founder Richard Heart walks down memory lane. Heart talks about his childhood hardships and remembers how he saw his father struggle to make ends meet. He spoke about the hardships his father went through by doing difficult jobs which are life-threatening and uncomfortable.

“I grew up in a broke family. My dad fixed air conditioners and delivered newspapers when I was young and I was with him. I was with him when I was small and I went with him to deliver newspapers. I was so small he could put me on the dashboard van where they delivered papers. As he got older we did more interesting stuffs like repairing air conditioners.”

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Source / Twitter: The Highest of Stakes Movie

He stressed that in Florida, the heat is unbearable, and repairing ACs was among the toughest jobs one could do. “It’s a really hard job because it is very hot in Florida and they’ll call you when the AC is broken. So my dad used to climb up the attic where they’re fiber glass and nails sticking through the roof. There’s only one light and if that gets off, nobody can hear your screams for help because the fiberglass insulation absorbed all the sound.”

The teaser then immediately gets cut to where Heart is seen talking about how his traits are similar to that of his father’s. “I have some of the same traits that my dad has, that I’m super social and I love talking to people. When I walk around the street and I want to say ‘hi’ to people and just be with people.”

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The founder of HEX then speaks about the future and how he’s helping to shape the new financial sector, cryptocurrencies.

Richard Heart: A Tale of HEX & PulseChain

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Source: Twitter

HEX had a phenomenal run in the market as it doubled 13 consecutive times from its launch in December 2019 to September 2021. Early investors made life-changing wealth and The Highest of Stakes will showcase rags to rich stories.

After HEX, Heart is all set to launch a new crypto PulseChain (PLS). However, an affirmative release date has not been announced yet.

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Investors are eagerly waiting for PLS’s release as they believe it could mirror the run of HEX in the indices. At press time, HEX was trading at $0.12 and is down -9.6% in the 24-hours day trade.