Ripple: 44.9 Million XRP Added to Crypto Exchange Reserves

Joshua Ramos
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Source: Watcher Guru

In what is undoubtedly a positive for the asset’s standing, Ripple has seen 44.9 million XRP added to one prominent crypto exchange’s reserves. Indeed, the surge was initiated by OKX, who added a plethora of tokens over one single month according to its proof-of-reserve audit.

The report was released today and showcased the noticeable development of the global exchange. The platform has exceeded standards with similar platforms for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, and USDC. Moreover, it skyrocketed its XRP holdings, bringing its total to more than 250 million tokens.

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OKX Exchange Increases XRP Reserves by Nearly 45 Million in One Month

Few digital assets on the market today have seen the kind of optimism that investors have observed within Ripple. The asset has long been viewed as a candidate for an unprecedented surge this year. With its ongoing legal conflicts with US regulators likely concluding, there is a plethora of potential.

Now, Ripple has seen 44.9 million XRP added to one prominent cryptocurrency exchange reserve in a massive development. Specifically, OKX announced its monthly proof-of-reserves audit that showcased the mass accumulation of XRP over the last month alone.

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The massive accumulation of XRP displays the commitment to backing investor assets by the exchange. Its current holding equates to a worth of more than $137 million. This kind of backing displays the confidence that users should have with XRP investments made on the platform. Therefore, reinforcing the potential investment that the asset could see shortly.

For much of the last few weeks, XRP has been fighting to surpass the $0.55 level. Currently, it has not been able to break away, noting a less than 1% increase over the last 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap. It appears as though the asset could be stuck in a holding pattern as more information regarding the Ripple lawsuit with the SEC comes to the forefront.