Ripple Analyst Eyes XRP Surge To $2: Here’s Why

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Ripple (XRP) Forecasted To Hit $1.2: Here's When
Source: Watcher Guru

An influential XRP price analyst shared an ambitious case this week for Ripple (XRP). The analyst highlighted that XRP may stand on the cusp of a historic parabolic run toward exponentially higher valuations. The prediction is based primarily on repeating historical price patterns playing out once again.

EGRAG Crypto says that Ripple is ready to make a similar amazing move soon that will be even more impressive than the recent optimism. They back this up with a logarithmic analysis of previous vertical percentage uptrends during previous bull regimes.

One key point involves reclaiming critical $2 resistance decisively, which opens the metaphorical “Gateway to Valhalla,” where staggering yearslong upside begins unfolding through their assessment. The prominent $2 level acted as relative topside resistance before as well on two separate occasions in a trendline now closely tracked.

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XRP eyes $2 as the next crucial level

EGRAG also cites multiple common Fibonacci extension level targets beginning at $5 that build on one another, which XRP needs to conquer on its path toward truly uncharted upside territory in the long term.

These mathematically derived inflection points, especially the 1.236 level around current XRP prices, often form ideal reversal areas from which parabolic advances launch thereafter historically.

To catalyze such a move, the analyst’s immediate focus falls on closing above the formidable $1.30 resistance that has kept advances muted for over 12 months now.

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In his view, back-to-back weekly closes beyond that barrier signal the end of lateral ranges that thwarted previous XRP bull runs. It would open the floodgates towards achieving $7, $15, and $30+ thereafter by extrapolation as momentum feeds on itself.

Ripple XRP price

According to CoinGecko data, XRP has surged 17% in the last seven days. XRP is also up by almost 25% in the last 30 days.