Ripple: How Much XRP Do You Need to Make $1M, $10M if Price Hits $8.54?

Vignesh Karunanidhi
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Considering the current market conditions, the quest to become a Ripple XRP millionaire demands a meticulous strategy and timely initiation. Amid the current market conditions, seizing the opportunity to acquire XRP today holds the promise of substantial gains. However, the question remains: how much XRP is needed to secure a million-dollar fortune?

As of the latest market update, XRP is valued at $0.5362. In addition, $585,565,096 worth of Ripple coins was traded on exchanges within the past 24 hours. Amidst the ongoing predictions, $8.54 is considered one of the goals for the coin price.

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For aspiring Ripple XRP millionaires eyeing the $1 million and $10 million mark for $8.54 per coin, the formula is clear: divide the desired target by the price of $8.54.


How much XRP do you need to become a millionaire if the price hits $8.54?

To determine the current cost of this strategic investment, the quantity of XRP is multiplied by the existing price. This amounts to 117,096 XRP. According to the current price, investors need $62,060 worth of XRP. This would represent a profit of over $38,000 if the price hits $8.54.

How many coins do you need to make $10 million?

To earn $10 million when the price hits $8.54, investors need 1.17 million XRP. At the current price, investors need to buy $620,000 worth of coins. This would represent a profit of over $9.38 million if the price hits $8.54.

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This fundamental calculation holds for investors setting their sights on earning $20 million or $30 million when the coin inevitably ascends to the $8.54 price threshold. The journey to millionaire status in the long-term trading realm is indeed feasible, albeit demanding a substantial capital foundation.