Ripple: Is The ‘Relist XRP’ Campaign Regaining Steam?

Lavina Daryanani
Source: NewsBTC

Ripple is one of the trending topics on Twitter on Thursday. At press time, several reasons could be attributed to the same. First, in the company’s lawsuit against the SEC, a fresh development associated with MoneyGram was revealed.

Source: Twitter

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Moving on, Fox Businesses’ Charles Gasparino recently floated a conception stating that SEC perhaps believed that Ripple’s management was “flouting” authority by continuing to sell XRP despite being warned against it.

The general counsel of Ripple, Stuart Alderoty, and XRP holders’ amicus curiae representative John Deaton opined on the same. Now, the community members have started postulating several theories and discussed a host of tangents via quote tweets and comments.

In the midst of all this mayhem, crypto trading platform Bitmart listed XRP against Tether on its platform earlier today.

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Relist XRP Campaign In The Re-Making?

For context, when the SEC officially filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs and its executives in December 2020, a number of crypto exchanges suspended XRP from their platforms. They did so because there was no clarity around whether everyone who sold the token was selling illegal securities.

However, as and when positive developments took place and demand for the asset started growing, platforms like Phemex, DeCurret, and Lykke started re-listing XRP. Around the same time, the “Relist XRP” hashtag started in The US and Netherlands.

Just when things seemed to be getting on track for XRP, prominent exchange Coinbase announced that it will no longer support the token. The said move came as a shock to users because the platform cited “low usage” as its reasoning.

Now, community members have yet again ignited the “Relist XRP” torch post-BitMart’s latest listing announcement. A particular user outrightly asked Coinbase to list the token “NOW.”

Another questioned if the recently-released Coinbase documentary touched upon why the exchange hasn’t re-listed the token yet.

A third user quote-tweeted Brian Armstrong and explicitly stated “Relist XRP.”

Regardless, it should be noted that the campaign has not gained mass momentum. Data from LunarCrush pointed out that the total mentions involving XRP on social platforms dropped by 55% over the past week. Parallelly, their engagements also shrunk by 31%.

Thus, only time can tell if the “Relist XRP” 2.0 campaign will be successful or not.

Source: LunarCrush