Ripple (XRP) Could Be Highly Volatile in March; Here’s Why

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Ripple (XRP) Forecasted To Surge 70%: Here's When

Some market experts predict an explosive historic bull run could emerge for Ripple’s XRP token in March. This could be driven partly by analogies to previous mega rallies and an improving fundamental backdrop.

However, with such lofty predictions comes the likelihood of heightened volatility as expectations and risks collide next month.

The speculative forecasts envision XRP registering unprecedented parabolic price moves during March, shocking cynics. Proponents point to resilience from the 2017 rally that saw Ripple gain considerable ground.

With market dynamics aligned optimally once more as adoption expands and blockchain acceptance grows, some argue revisiting such euphoric highs appears possible, especially if the regulatory climate improves. A long-awaited Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit verdict remains a pivotal wild card.

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XRP market dominance drops

Nevertheless, crypto’s unpredictable nature means extreme ups and downs recur frequently. Benjamin Cowen, founder of ITC Crypto, notes that XRP has drastically ceded market dominance. It has fallen from over 31.6% in 2017 to under 1.5% today.

Considering how many alternative cryptos emerged since 2017 and are now competing for attention, replicating the past likely requires unpredictable catalysts like a clean legal ruling.

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So while historic runs face immense obstacles materializing, the innate unpredictability of blockchain technologies and markets means dismissing even outlier rallies remains ill-advised.

The same forces that crashed XRP from all-time highs could also conceivably orchestrate a swift repricing towards those peaks with the right triggers.