Ripple [XRP]: How High Can XRP Rise in 2024?

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Ripple’s XRP has been attracting widespread attention from investors and enthusiasts alike due to its recent surge. As Bitcoin surged past resistance levels to hit $52,500, altcoins like XRP also saw significant gains, reaching a peak of $0.5590. This upward movement in altcoin prices coincided with Bitcoin’s bullish momentum, signaling a broader market recovery.


Within just 24 hours, XRP’s market capitalization skyrocketed from $28.66 billion to $29.66 billion, marking an impressive addition of $1.18 billion and a growth rate of 4.12%. This surge underscores the revived interest and confidence in XRP among investors.

Looking ahead, investors and analysts are eager to forecast XRP’s trajectory for the remainder of 2024. Utilizing historical price data and market trends, Changelly, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has offered insights into the potential price movements of XRP for February 2024.

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Ripple [XRP] February 2024

According to Changelly’s projections, the average price of XRP in February 2024 is expected to hover around $0.635, with minimum and maximum price estimates of $0.537 and $0.733, respectively. These forecasts provide valuable guidance for investors seeking to optimize their trading strategies.

Taking a broader view of the year ahead, Changelly’s projections shed light on the long-term trajectory of XRP’s price. The anticipated minimum price of XRP for 2024 is $0.524, indicating a baseline level of support for the cryptocurrency. Conversely, the maximum projected price for XRP in 2024 is $0.676, suggesting potential upside potential for investors.

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Furthermore, Changelly anticipates the average trading price of XRP to be approximately $0.827 throughout 2024. These forecasts offer valuable insights into XRP’s potential performance over the coming months, highlighting both opportunities and challenges that investors may face in the dynamic cryptocurrency market.