Ripple: XRP May Reach $5 in 90 Days, Analyst Highlights Profit Window

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Ripple (XRP) Aims for Massive Breakout from 3-Year Symmetrical Triangle
Source: Watcher Guru

Cryptocurrency analyst EGRAG Crypto has reiterated his earlier projection of XRP spiking to $5 within 90 days. Citing historical patterns mirroring current conditions, he asserts that April to July 2024 will offer a golden profit opportunity for Ripple investors to capture life-changing gains.

In a recent tweet, EGRAG called attention to XRP’s average sentiment oscillator (ASO) indicator, which gauges social media chatter and trader psychology surrounding an asset. He notes the ASO recently curved upward, just as anticipated based on similar behavior during previous XRP mega-bull runs.

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Could XRP hit $5 soon?

The analyst initially eyed $5 for XRP back in February, explaining that the technical chart suggested a timeframe between April and July for the next parabolic climax. Reaffirming that analysis, he highlights how past uptrends peaked around 275 days into their advance.

EGRAG mentioned that history implies XRP will hit its high in July 2024, timed precisely with his forecast 90-day explosion toward $5 from last April. To EGRAG, these aligning patterns confirm a bullish look lies ahead for eager Ripple investors.

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While unable to predict XRP’s ultimate peak, he does advise traders to take portions of profits on the way up rather than getting greedy and waiting for a theoretical top. EGRAG suggests dollar-cost averaging sells from trading stacks while letting core long-term holdings continue riding the wave.

Of course, even reliable chart signals can prove fallible in unpredictable crypto markets. However, with technical and historical data supporting his bold call thus far, EGRAG claims confidence that the next few months will reward patient XRP holders with wealth-building upside.