Ripple XRP Price Prediction: October 2022

Ripple McCaleb's XRP dump
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Ripple has had an exciting Q3 in 2022, and the start of Q4 this October will see the company and its native XRP token affected even more. Ripple is in an ongoing lawsuit with the SEC but has won some key battles.

With Ripple currently sitting at $0.4541 and growing over the past month, here’s our Ripple XRP price prediction for October 2022.

Ripple XRP
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Ripple XRP Price Prediction: October 2022

As mentioned before, Ripple has picked up key wins in its case with the SEC that has put momentum in XRP’s corner. Since Sept. 7, XRP has risen significantly, up from a month low of $0.316. If the trend continues for XRP, the coin can potentially reach its highest value since the May Crypto crash.

Crypto analysts at ChanellyBlog anticipate XRP reaching an average of $0.47995 this month. However, that number is surpassable, especially if Ripple makes it out of the SEC lawsuit with minor damage. Consequently, whenever good news in Ripple’s favor has come out of the case of late, XRP has seen a rise.

If this continues, XRP may reach as high as $0.50. This is of course best-case scenario. We’ll have to wait for the outcome of the current Ripple lawsuit to see just how high XRP can go.