Ripple XRP: When Will The First XRP ETF Launch?

Dave Baker
Ripple (XRP)
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Following the expected launch of Ethereum ETFs, there is large speculation about which digital asset will receive an ETF next. Some firms have already sent out their applications for a Solana SOL-based ETF. Besides SOL, Ripple’s XRP is speculated to get its own ETF, with even Ripple officials chiming in their two cents.

The president of Ripple, Monica Long, in a recent interview, shared her thoughts on XRP’s future price path and trajectory. Amid ETF hype, Long shared how launching an XRP ETF would be sensible, given XRP’s huge momentum and community support.

Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse also spoke on the future perspectives of Spot XRP ETFs recently as well. On a Fox Business appearance, Garlinghouse doubled down on his optimism that an XRP ETF may be coming next. He discussed how the Spot Ethereum ETF opened the door for future ETFs around other assets like XRP.

With hype growing around ETFs, when will we see the first XRP ETF launch?

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When Will XRP ETFs Launch

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Speaking about the SEC potentially making the fight for an XRP ETF difficult for Ripple, Garlinghouse emphatically said, “An XRP ETF is just simply inevitable.” In terms of a timeline, the Ripple CEO said, “I think we’re going to see it in 2025.”

If Solana receives its XRP ETF first, a 2025 timeline could be accurate if XRP follows SOL in the application process. On the other hand, a Ripple (XRP) and a Cardano (ADA) ETF are not likely to come to fruition in the near term, according to a report. GSR has released a new report that includes its ETF Possibility Score, which judges how likely a cryptocurrency is to get its very own exchange-traded fund.

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The report notes that higher demand is a better indicator of an ETF soon. However, both XRP and ADA show demand scores of -0.2 and -0.5, respectively. Again, this places them at the bottom of the pool.

With the launch of the Solana ETF potentially coming next, launching an XRP ETF does not appear to be a dream too difficult to achieve. Most likely, Garlinghouse’s 2025 prediction is the most likely.