Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Banking Collapse is the Tip of an Economic Mega-Crisis

Source: CNN

The ongoing banking collapse is the tip of an economic mega-crisis, according to Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. RFK Jr touches on the subject of the ongoing economic struggles involving banks in a recent tweet Tuesday. He addresses both inflation and jobs in the tweet.

“Job openings plummeted for the third month in a row,” the Democratic candidate says. The number of job openings decreased to 9.6 million on the last business day of March, according to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report. Additionally, layoffs and discharges (1.8 million) increased at the same time in March.

RFK Jr. also addresses how inflation is weakening multiple classes. “Inflation is destroying the middle and working class. We need to turn our attention to rebuilding our nation — NOW.”

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