Robinhood to List Shiba Inu on November 1, 2021, Claims CoinMomo

Vinod Dsouza
CoinMomo claims Robinhood will list Shiba Inu on November 1, 2021.
Source: Robinhood Facebook

Rumour mills are rife that Robinhood is all set to list Shiba Inu on their trading platform. CoinMomo, a website that showcases live trading indices of cryptocurrencies, boldly went ahead, claiming that Robinhood would announce a Shiba Inu listing on October 25.

The speculations of onboarding SHIB have been doing the rounds since July 2021. However, the top exchange platform has not officially confirmed that they would get the token onboard.

However, exactly 12-hours later, CoinMomo changed the goalpost and claimed on their website that Robinhood would list SHIB on November 1, 2021, instead.

CoinMomo has not given out any other details regarding their announcement nor quoted any sources. Nonetheless, the information has thrilled the investors’ community, and SHIB shot up +50% in the 24-hours trade.

SHIB has now found resistance at +15% and is hovering around the same number. An official announcement by Robinhood could propel the coin to shoot up further and reach another all-time high (ATH).

CoinMomo claims on their website, ”News and events of Shiba Inu. (SHIB) going to listing on Robinhood exchange November 1, 2021.”

CoinMomo claims Robinhood will list Shiba Inu in November 1, 2021

Shiba Inu – All Time High (ATH)

Just yesterday, the coin touched its all-time high of $0.00004432. Its previous ATH stood at $0.00003791 on May 10, 2021. The coin plummeted after Space X founder Elon Musk announced Tesla would not accept Bitcoin due to ”environmental issues”.

Musk’s tweet caused the market to crash, and Bitcoin fell -60% within a weeks time. The entire cryptocurrency market fell to its knees during May to July 2021.

Luckily, the market recovered post-August 2021 and began sending mixed signals. Several coins reached new all-time highs from September to October, and Shiba Inu is one among them.

The 1 Cent Dream

Shiba Inu had a phenomenal rise during the first week of October, where it spiralled +360% upwards in just a span of three days. Since then, investors believe that SHIB reaching the milestone of 1 Cent is not too far away.

Many others hope to see life-changing wealth when the coin reaches the 1 Cent mark and are ready to hold on to several years to reach the goal. SHIB’s hashtag #1CentDream is all over social media, and investors believe it could soon be a reality.

Superstar SHIB

Shiba Inu has achieved a cult-like following without being promoted by businessmen, entrepreneurs, celebrities and movie stars. The coin grew naturally and is now the eighth-most talked about crypto in the world.

SHIB boasts of a vibrant community whose collective goal is to make the coin reach the 1 Cent mark and beyond. The coin was trading with 10 ‘zeroes’ during October 2020, and a year later, the coin has knocked out six ‘zeroes’ from its trade. SHIB undoubtedly made early investors millionaires.

At the time of publishing, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00003921 and is up +3.02% in the day’s trade. A Robinhood announcement will make the coin shoot up in price, and a ‘doubling’ or ‘tripling’ in amount can be expected.