Robinhood Could List Shiba Inu in January 2022?

Vinod Dsouza
Robinhood Shiba Inu Listing

Reports are doing the rounds that Robinhood could list Shiba Inu sometime in January 2022 or during the Q1 period. However, Robinhood has not confirmed the development and we need to wait for an official confirmation.

Shiba Inu is now listed on all the top 10 exchange platforms and reached investors far and wide across the globe. Trading platforms enjoyed the larger share of the revenue pie SHIB brought on the table and increased their quarterly results. Only Robinhood is missing out on the juicy revenue pie but it won’t take long before they get it on board.

Robinhood’s Q3 results tumbled 12% compared to its Q2 filings and dragged its stock price down along with it. Its crypto revenue share showed $233 million in profits in Q2 and slumped drastically in Q3 filings to $51 million.

Around 63% of its Q2 profits came from Dogecoin alone but the meme-token failed to deliver in the Q3 period. The development indicates that Robinhood is facing financial turbulence and need to get their finances right before things head south.

Therefore, a Shiba Inu listing is inevitable as the meme-token can lift Robinhood out of their financial troubles. SHIB has a large trading volume and add Robinhood’s customer base to it, you get a win-win situation.

Hey Robinhood, When Shiba Inu?

Robinhood listing Shiba Inu reached a feverous pitch over the last three months but the exchange platform didn’t get SHIB inboard. Its crypto division head Christine Brown said in an interview with Decrypt that they’re not racing to list Shiba Inu.

Even CEO Vlad Tenev didn’t confirm a SHIB listing during an interview with CNBC. Despite all of these, investors still believe that Robinhood will soon list SHIB as they’re eager to see their revenues increase. However, the day RH lists SHIB, the meme-tokens price could skyrocket and reach a new all-time high.

At the time of publishing, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00003493 and is down -4.84% in the 24-hours day trade.