Roger Ver Owes CoinFLEX $47 Million USDC, Says CEO Mark Lamb

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Roger Ver Owes CoinFLEX $47 Million USDC, Says CEO Mark Lamb
Source: Fortune

CoinFLEX CEO Mark Lamb says that Roger Ver, CEO of, owes the exchange $47 million USDC. The tweet was a follow-up to a rumor that was spreading that Roger Ver owed the exchange $47 million USDC.

The initial doubts regarding the debt were spread around by FatMan, who took to his Twitter account to address it. FatMan wrote that verified insider information has confirmed that the “high net worth individual” who owes CoinFLEX money is Bitcoin Cash advocate and CoinFLEX shareholder Roger Ver.

FatMan wrote that Ver had a long on Bitcoin Cash and CoinFLEX permitted the debt as Ver promised to pay the debt back.

But surprisingly, Roger Ver tweeted about the rising allegations against him, stating that they are false. He rejected the allegations and, in fact, stated that the exchange owed him money.

“These rumors are false. Not only do I not have a debt to this counter-party, but this counter- party owes me a substantial sum of money, and I am currently seeking the return of my funds.”

Roger Ver

CoinFLEX confirms the rumors

In a recent tweet, the CEO of CoinFLEX, Mark Lamb, confirmed that the person who owes $47 million USDC to the exchange is Roger Ver. Lamb wrote that there is a written contract that obligates Ver to guarantee negative equity on his account. Lamb stated that a notice of default has been served to Roger Ver.

Lamb wrote in a thread that Ver had a trusty and long track record of timely margin top-ups and meeting the margin requirements. He also added that the situation is regularly being communicated with Ver and the CoinFLEX team would still like to resolve it.

Lamb decided to speak up only because Roger Ver denied the debt that he owed and hence wanted to clarify the same.

“The debt is 100% related to his account.”

Mark Lamb, CEO of CoinFLEX

The tweet where Ver claims that the exchange owes him money was outright denied by Lamb. He stated that his statement is false and expressed his disappointment in Ver that he shouldn’t have resorted to such tactics to escape from his liabilities.