Russian President Putin Will Not Physically Attend BRICS Summit

Joshua Ramos
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According to a report from Bloomberg, Russian President Vladimir Putin will not physically attend the BRICS summit. Moreover, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has stated that in his place, Russia is set to send its foreign minister to the crucial event, the report stated. Also noting that the decision on his attendance was “by mutual consent.”

Despite the event’s importance, there has long been concern over Putin’s attendance. An International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant convoluted the matter. If the Russian President were to attend, South Africa would have been forced to arrest him in accordance with the warrant.

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Putin Will Not Attend BRICS Summit

The upcoming August BRICS summit is certainly preparing to be one of the bloc’s most important gatherings. There, the collective will discuss vital developments that will define its trajectory. Subsequently, among those are its currency alternative and expansionary guidelines.

Now, one of the concerns hanging over the festivities is set to be quelled, as Russian President Vladimir Putin will not physically attend the upcoming BRICS Summit. Conversely, if he had attended, he would have been apprehended by South Africa, in accordance with an ICC arrest warrant.

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Leading up to the event, Putin’s attendance remained the dominant story. Moreover, South Africa’s Ramaphosa had previously sought to be exempt from the warrant. Specifically citing that such a decision would result in a deceleration of war between the two BRICS countries.

Putin has undoubtedly taken the most conservative approach to the event. Indeed, there were many who expected him to challenge the warrant by attending the event in person. However, it appears as though that will no longer come to fruition. South Africa is prepared to accept Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, in his place. Thus, honoring the country’s presence at the summit.