SafeMoon Price Prediction for 2021 and Beyond

safemoon price

SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) is a cryptocurrency launched in March of 2021. Since its launch, it has continuously received attention from the entire crypto community. During this period, community-based coins, led by Dogecoin, were skyrocketing.

As of today, over 2.5 million people hold SafeMoon. The project has a circulating supply of 575.2 trillion tokens, with the price currently sitting at $0.000001369. What will SafeMoon’s price be in 2021 and beyond?

Why Does SafeMoon have Such a Big Community?

Today, SafeMoon is among the cryptocurrencies with the largest number of holders in the space, right behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. In comparison, Dogecoin, which has existed for more than five years, has 4 million holders. This is impressive on the part of SafeMoon, which only launched this year.

Also, SafeMoon has a burn mechanism that constantly reduces the supply of the token. This is lucrative since it shows the supply will continue to be more scarce as SafeMoon trading continues. In addition to this, SafeMoon has a Reflection program. In this program, the holders get 5% of tokens in every trade as passive income. Hence, your Safemoon bag increases simply by buying and holding.

Given the massive community surrounding the project, it only takes one coordinated action to raise the price. SafeMoon has 1 million followers on Twitter, and the team is very hard at work developing the project. The latest development is their SafeMoon wallet.

Last but not least, SafeMoon launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) when gas fees on Ethereum were unbearable. This might have played a part in building a massive SafeMoon army as most traders moved to BSC because of its low transaction fees.

SafeMoon Price Prediction: Future

SafeMoon is primed to go up in 2021 and the coming years. Technically, SafeMoon just pasted a bullish divergence on the daily timeframe. This comes after a short price slump when the entire market experienced a flash crash. A bullish divergence is a charting pattern that signifies price is about to reverse from a downward trend and start going up. This bullish set-up could see SafeMoon gain 30% – 80% in the short term.

While SafeMoon is recovering, the crypto market is preparing for the last bullish run of this season. Perhaps SafeMoon can ride the rally out of the murky waters. At Wallet Investor, the expert analysts predict that Safemoon will rise to $0.000004 in the next year. By 2026, the price will be sitting at $0.000015. If the market can swell up quickly, maybe SAFEMOON can hit $1 by 2026.


SafeMoon is an excellent project. It shows the power of community in the blockchain space. In fact, projects with a huge community have always been successful. For example, when Bitcoin was only beginning, various governments around the world tried to suppress it. However, the growing community provided the support it needed to be the giant it is today. SafeMoon is enjoying a much larger community in only its first year of launch. This is a recipe for tremendous success.