SAFEMOON Teases 4 Step Token Launchpad Process


With tokens launching daily on the Binance Smart Chain, investors require a reliable option to help them determine secure tokens or those they can exploit.

Is SAFERMOON  the Solution?

According to their website, SAFERMOON  says it is the reliable option investors need. Apart from solving the reliability issue, the company adds that its launchpad will launch safer RFI tokens leading to an expansion of project token types. 

safermoon launch pad

Owners with experience will get to select contract parameters based on audited code. 

SAFERMOON promises that it will handle contract interactions safely through its website. As a result, investors will browse new projects and get an easier understanding of their safety features. 

Another feature listed on the webpage is the ability of project investors to get notified, in real-time, whenever a project owner carries out any suspicious activity.

Steps to Creating Tokens

On their webpage, SAFERMOON has four strategic steps launchers will use to create their tokens.

  1. Answer the question “What kind of project are you launching?”
  2. Contains basic information including the token name, total supply, token symbol, band supply, and developer supply section
  3. Contract details including; reflection fee, liquidity fee, liquidity swap threshold, White-listed address, and maximum transaction amount section
  4. This section contains Add-on options such as; Bot protection, Time look options and identity (you can choose to remain anonymous). Audit, featured listing, and Dev wallet proxy are also included. 

After following these steps, you can launch your Token by clicking on the


The team has a clear road map with several tasks, some of which are already completed. Others are currently in progress, and others are set to come soon.

Completed Task List Includes

  • Determine which chain should get utilized
  • Identify Project Type
  • Create Contract Improvements and Test
  • Branding
  • Seek a Serious Audit of Our Code
  • Address Audit Concerns
  • Implement Basic Bot Prevention Measures
  • Build Website
  • Create Social Accounts
  • Launch Video creation
  • Go Live
  • Initiate Marketing
  • Expand SAFERMOON Token Functionality to Pools

Tasks in Progress

  • Increase Security for Dev Wallet
  • Investigate NFT Potential

Yet to Start

  • “SAFERMOON Saves” Initiative launch
  • Launchpad
  • Research Anti-Bot Strategies
  • Anti-Bot Implementation
  • Create SaferLaunch Handbook


Safermoon will also reward users with gifts and a 5% transaction fee. According to the project’s website, the transaction fee will be redistributed proportionally to all SAFERMOON investors.

To add excitement, SAFERMOON will give away over 13 BILLION of its tokens each day to one lucky winner on Telegram. Like other cryptocurrencies, SAFERMOON will see tokens burn. Almost 25% of the total SAFERMOON supply awaits burning at future milestone events.

In addition to this, the project states that all holders will receive extra SAFERMOON tokens via airdrops adding to the liquidity pool while padding users’ wallets. 

“Hold your tokens and watch your wallet balance steadily climb, ” SAFERMOON says, adding that it is currently hosting a giveaway.

Launch a Token and stand a chance to win a Tesla, a Lambo, a chance to visit your dream destination, and even a trip to space!