Safemoon Reannounces The Safemoon Wallet Release Date and Roadmap

safemoon wallet

After a long wait, the new Safemoon Wallet Release date has been re-announced.

First Launch 

Safemoon announced on August 23, teasing a wallet (The SafeMoon wallet) release. The project team even made a hashtag (#Safemoonwallet) to help make the idea go viral. 

Initially, the plan was to launch three products on August (28), 2021, including the Safemoon wallet(iOS and Android). The other project is Website Buy and Swap. Safemoon later made an announcement claiming that they had experienced some technical difficulties and therefore had to postpone the launch of the products. 

According to CEO John Karony, the team is working tirelessly to solve the wallet’s available on iOS and Android. The problem is that Swap (scanning code available on their website), which is supposed to connect your trust wallet works on Android but not on iOS. 

What is the Result of the Safemoon Wallet Release Delay?

The volume of trade diminished by more than 50 % as users were panic selling. Many users expressed their anger with others, saying that they have little faith in the Safemoon project. However, most of the investors are still hopeful, and we have some good news for them.

SafeMoon Wallet Release Date

The Safemoon team just announced that_______ is their new release date. Sales volume is expected to go back up, and we will keep you posted on the story.

Safemoon’s CEO had sent a tweet days later with an update on the matter, saying that moderators will receive and test the wallet before the next official release date. Hopefully, the issue has gotten resolved. 

According to Karony, Safemoon wants to give its users the best, and if it means delay, then so be it. John also said that he was not aware of the technical issues being faced at 4:00(BST) on the day of the launch, and if he did, the launch wouldn’t have happened.

Safemoon promises that SafeWallet is the safest wallet on the planet and that the project is worth the wait.

What is Safemoon?

the safemoon wallet

Created in March this year, Safemoon is a decentralized finance token existing on the Binance Smart Chain and charges 10% as a transaction fee (split equally between token holders and the liquidity pool hence resulting in a solid price floor for holders).

The platform has a market capitalization of  $2,280,000,000 (as of 3 September 2021).

The Safemoon wallet is a secure place to store and trade your SafeMoon tokens. Some of the features on the SafeMoon wallet include Simplex integration, contacts list, dark mode, haptic feedback, and hold to cancel.

Other Projects 

Apart from the August SafeMoon wallet release, the Safemoon team informed us through a tweet that there are other projects still in process including;•

  • September- V2 Token Launch and Bridge Releases (Wax and Eos)
  • October- SafeMoon Exchange Launch
  • November-SafeMoon Podcast Launch 
  • Blockchain Launch and The Gambia/ Operation Phoenix Update

Currently, SWAP by SafeMoon has two pairs:

– BNB/Safemoon

– ETH/PSafemoon

The team will add more in the upcoming days.