SafeMoon Wins the ‘Crypto Community Of The Year 2021’ AIBC Awards in Malta

Vinod Dsouza
SafeMoon wins AIBC Crypto Community of the Year Award 2021
Source: Pixabay

SafeMoon won the AIBC ‘Crypto Community Of The Year 2021’ Awards which was held in Malta. SafeMoon’s community is growing stronger by the day with over 2.9 million holders worldwide.

CEO John Karony shared a picture holding the award and captioned it on Twitter, ”We won Crypto Community of the Year at AIBC in Malta!!! Best award of them all. #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!” SafeMoon’s Twitter handle also tweeted, ”The winner is… and always will be… THE #SAFEMOONARMY.”

Investors poured their ‘congratulations’ messages on Twitter appreciating the team and the community as a whole. The community has collectively played their part in winning this award and it rightfully belongs to them. The SafeMoon community has stuck as a unit through thick and thin and rode all the ups and downs of the crypto market united as one.

The new feather in SafeMoon’s hat is only the beginning and the team might have more in the coming years.

SafeMoon also breached the 1.2 Million followers on Twitter making it the seventh cryptocurrency with a large number of followers.

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You can check out the cryptocurrencies by Twitter followers in the below November updated list.

BNB (Binance) 5.9 Million
Bitcoin 3.7 Million
Dogecoin 2.4 Million
XRP 2.2 Million
SHIB 1.9 Million
Ethereum 1.8 Million
SAFEMOON 1.2 Million
Cardano 1 Million
Solana 915,000
Polkadot 869,000

SafeMoon sits at a comfortable 7th position and achieved the remarkable feat in less than a year after its launch. The token is a household name in the crypto sphere and everyone wants a piece of its cake.

The trend shows that the coins popularity is growing each day and has gained the trust of the investors. While many other coins in the market have bigger number of followers, SafeMoon is special as its only eight months old.

SafeMoon V2 Upgradation

SafeMoon is all set to be upgraded to V2. The development will increase the quality, security, and accessibility of the token. In addition, V2 would gain a wider adaptation and work towards additional use-cases for the token.

In other words, the V2 upgrade is an opportunity to be among the top contenders in the cryptocurrency market. The upgradation can attract new and first-time investors and propel its price to new heights.

At the time of publishing, SafeMoon was trading at $0.00000338 and is up +4.2% in the 24-hours day trade. The coin has a market cap of $1.9 billion with a 24-hour trading volume of 10.9 million. In the last 30-trading days, the coin was up +85.3% but is down –16.0% in the last 7-trading days.