Saitama may attain a price boost with the launch of SaitaMask; Here’s why

Sahana Kiran
Saitama Inu
Source: Unsplash

As the community inches closer to the launch of the SaitaMask app, speculations of Saitama surging to a new height have been making the rounds. 2022 the year of Saitama?

The crypto-verse started out with just one asset, Bitcoin [BTC]. About 13 years ago, today, Bitcoin made its debut into the monetary world. Ever since an array of coins have entered the market. As Crypto Twitter was celebrating 13 years of Bitcoin, the community was also pumped to welcome Saitama’s SaitaMask app.

Recently, the Chief Technology Officer of Saitama, Max Hernandez took to Twitter to reveal that the team had worked round the clock to roll out SaitaMask. With less than six days left for its launch, the community was prepping to elevate the use of Saitama with the impending app.

With this app, SaitaMask intends to revolutionize the crypto space by allowing users to purchase crypto assets with Apple Pay. Cheaper gas prices compared to other decentralized exchanges along with the listing of lesser-known coins have been a true selling point of the app.

While all of the aforementioned points will benefit the community, one of SaitaMask’s features would truly aid Saitama holders.

Saitama investors to bag big gains in 2022?

The first wave of tokens that would be listed on SaitaMask are Kishimoto, Luffy, Deku, Shinja, Waifer, Lilly Finance as well as ImpactXP. Users would be able to purchase all of these assets only in Saitama. This would in turn increase the buying activity of the token further boosting its demand as well as price.

At the time of writing, Saitama was trading for $0.00000005189 with a 4.21% surge over the last 24-hours. While the market seemed to bullish, the launch of SaitaMask could further boost the price of the altcoin.

Additionally, a leading security-focused ranking firm, CertiK went on to certify SaitaMask of being hacker resistant. News surrounding hacks and scams in the crypto-verse have left many sitting on the fence. However, this certification would further drive the adoption rate of the platform.