Saitama under Binance’s purview; new listing underway?

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

A bunch of meme tokens like Saitama, BabyDoge, and Shibnobi entered the market this year. While most of them managed to score listings on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, a few others continue to seek listings. In a similar attempt, Saitama is speculated to have scored a spot on Binance.

With the emergence of thousands of cryptocurrencies, the process of segregating the legit ones from the scammy coins can be quite a task. Crypto exchanges have a tough time doing so. However, Binance seems to be on top of its game with an array of listings throughout the year. Now, the coin was welcoming a fairly new cryptocurrency, Saitama into its ecosystem.

The Saitama community popularly known as the Saitama WolfPack was beyond excited after Binance rolled out a Saitama-centric update on its Calendar. A blog post titled, “From Meme to Fame: How Saitama Transits Into A Portal To Crypto?” was scheduled to go live on 10 February. While no official information was released yet, WolfPack speculated that the cryptocurrency exchange could be onboarding the cryptocurrency.

A member of the Saitama WolfPack took to Twitter to reveal this update. The tweet read,

As of now, the meme coin was part of very few exchanges including, Uniswap,, LBank, MEXC, SushiSwap as well as BitMart. Furthermore, a possible listing on Binance could not only boost the price of the altcoin but also its adoption rate.

At press time, the meme coin was trading for $0.00000002966 following a massive surge of 21.96%

Will Binance list BabyDoge along with Saitama?

The BabyDoge community has been yearning for a listing on Binance. However, the exchange has time and again shot down the expectations of the community.

CZ, the CEO of Binance had previously stated that the community and the total token holders were essential for listing any coin. Even though BabyDoge has been recording all-time highs in terms of token holders, Binance hasn’t dropped any hints yet.

However, Saitama, an asset that has around 325,000 holders seems to have caught the attention of the exchange.

The listing of both these meme coins could be beneficial for the entire ecosystem itself.