SaitaMask app’s test version is out now!

Sahana Kiran
Saitama Inu
Source: Unsplash

The Saitama community has been impatiently waiting for the launch of the SaitaMask app. The COO of the network gave the Saitama Wolf Pack good news about the launch of the app.

The Saitama network has amassed immense traction from all around the globe. The token has been making tremendous progress, particularly in India. Charity events run by the network throughout the country turned heads. This further spruced up the presence of the network in the region.

Moving on to its much-anticipated app, SaitaMask, the excitement grew stronger as the community inched closer to its launch date. The app is all set to make a debut on January 8 and the team rolled out the test version.

The COO of the network, who goes by the Twitter username, Saitamaguru gave the community a glimpse of the test version. Announcing that he was ready for the launch, he tweeted,

The SaitaMask team has reportedly been working tirelessly around the clock for the timely launch of the application. The team even worked through Christmas and hopes to revolutionize the crypto space with the application.

According to the network, only seven tokens including, Kishimoto, Luffy, Deku, Shinja, Waifer, Lilly Finance as well as ImpactXP would be listed on the app. Prior to the launch of the SaitaMask app, the COO was flooded with token suggestions. The second wave would entail a wide range of assets.

SaitaMask to bolster the Saitama network

The community has been speculating that the price of the Saitama token would shoot up following the release of SaitaMask. The activity of the token would certainly surge post the launch as the purchase of the token to trade other assets was mandatory.

With the expectation of a massive price surge and popularity, the Saitama community was seen urging Binance to list the token. A petition started by the community already garnered a whopping 15k signatures out of 25k.