Salesforce Is Deploying NFT Services for Brands

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Salesforce Is Deploying NFT Services for Brands
Source: NFTgators

Salesforce, a customer relationship management, and cloud solution platform is diving into NFT with a platform for brands to mint and sell NFTs. The cloud software behemoth just paved its way into NFTs.

The company made the announcement on its website. The new platform will allow brands and businesses to sell and mint NFTs. The NFT cloud platform is currently in pilot and will be available in full fledge at a later stage.

The NFT cloud will allow brands to step into the NFT realm and create and sell NFTs with Salesforce’s curated tools.

Source: Forbes

Salesforce eyes to provide a safer NFT platform

With increasing phishing attacks and NFT thefts, Salesforce primarily focuses on providing a much more secure platform for its customers who want to trade NFTs.

“NFT trading activity has declined about 90% from a September peak according to industry analyst NonFungible, though more than $2 billion was still spent on tokens last month. Salesforce’s customers are more interested in NFTs as a driver of engagement than asset value.”

Adam Caplan, Salesforce’s senior vice president

Caplan also told Bloomberg that brands could utilize NFTs to increase engagement and access rather than just for the mere purpose of selling for no functional utility.

The program is currently available only for a limited number of customers and will be fully deployed by October. Salesforce also highlighted that they are trying to tackle the sustainability issues with NFTs and blockchain. The company highlighted that it wouldn’t support proof of work blockchains.

Source: Bernard Marr

This is mainly due to the higher energy consumption, carbon emissions, and significant e-waste associated with proof of work blockchains. Salesforce’s platform will also allow customers to track their carbon emissions and will allow them to offset the emissions. Ethereum also took a step forward today with an upgrade that will move it closer to its proof of stake transition.